2017 Team Contacts

Contact Name
Division A
Jager Bombers
Taylor Chartrand 403.952.5053 taylor_chartrand@hotmail.com
Ryan Schibler 403.866.1715 rschibler@hotmail.ca
Spider Electric Shockers
Norten Weeks 403.952.8457 nortenweeks@hotmail.com
Protech Pump Alcoballics
Cam Miller 403.580.7133 cmiller@enerplus.com
Michelle Miller 403.580.0108 michmill@shaw.ca
Rossco's Pub Diamond Pirates
Kevin Hyam 403.866.4932 hyam200k@gmail.com
State Farm Giants
Shane LaCasse 403.866.0125 sl0125@telus.net
Three sixT Generals
Tyler Britton 403.866.7316 tylerbritton16@gmail.com
Iron Horse Dugouts
Austin Evans 403.952.7233 aevans@ihes.ca
Lee Sprunger 403.866.3799 sprungerlee11@gmail.com
BP's Jays
Curtis Moorhead 403.928.5292 moorheadcurtis@hotmail.com
Division B      
Michael Rasmussen 403.866.3978 miker@blueimp.com
Brew Jays
Dwight Hodel 403.581.5393 dwhodel@gmail.com
Clay Hudec 403.548.0373 c_hudec@hotmail.com
Mound Pounders
Aaaron Gervais 403.581.6188 Aarongervais27@gmail.com
Dayz Off Circus
Sue Kaiser 403.504.7545 kaiserbuns01@gmail.com
Chatters A Little Off The Top
Carissa Bengert 403-952-8680 cbengert27@yahoo.ca
Curtis goulard 403-866-7505 curtisgoulard@yahoo.com
LJC Dusters
Jesse Christianson 403.928.1824 jchristianson@gmail.com
Rob D'ippolito 403.866.2540 turfcare@desertblume.com
Jesse Jacober 403.848.3440  
H20 Bros and Hoes
Chad Knox 403.581.8057 knox08@telus.net
Dayz Off Beersox
Evan Seitz 403.977.8984 evanseitz@shaw.ca
Scared Hitless
Kayla Eresman 403.548.5401 kayla_eresman@hotmail.com
Cheers Pub Brewers
Shawn Dennison 403.866.6605 sadennison@live.ca
Secure Energy
Chris George 403.866.8746 cgeorge@secure-energy.com
Division C      
Whiskey Dicks
Tisha Walker 403.581.0986 tishabeairsto_9@hotmail.com
Damn Good Friends
Dwayne Reimer 403.866.7232 dwaynereimer@gmail.com
Kimball Flooring Ball Busters
Brooke Gardnier 403.952.9823 brookeg@telus.net
Fast Times Machines
Michelle Brunet 403.952.8606 michbrun_6@yahoo.ca
Steve Fraser 403 878 7580 shelby83@telus.net
Dayz Off Wolfpack
Kevin Bratvold 403.580.7281 kevinbratvold@hotmail.ca
Ryan O'Reilly 403.502.7183 ryanoreilly@live.ca
Brodie Heidinger 403.866.7086 brodie2014@gmail.com
Dayz Off Sand Diggers
Travis Tubman 403.504.7178 travistubman@gmail.com
Chris Adam 403.952.5086 goatzombie6@gmail.com
Belcore Homes Nailers
Mitch Strachan 403.952.1576 mstrachan@live.ca
Affinity Batt Cracks
Mark Rothfus 403.866.6646 mrothfus@telusplanet.net
Crystal Drefs 403.952.5716 looney34@hotmail.com
Loco Ochos
John White 403.502.5654 whitejlcw@gmail.com
Division D      
Ryan Harty 403.928.5689 ryan.harty83@hotmail.com
Marvelous Plumbing/State and Main
Chris Brown 403.878.2636 cgb992000@yahoo.ca
Balls Deep
Amber Beierbach 403.866.4530 amber.beirbach@rci.rogers.com
Matt CSADA 403.878.2680 matt@xcalibreindustries.ca
The Benchwarmers
Tenille Camphaug 403.866.9584 tenillee@hotmail.com
River Bandits
Travis Ziegenhagel   tc_203@hotmail.com
Off The Wall
Candace Surocy 403.581.6447 c.surovy@hotmail.ca
Elharts Electric
Clinton Fitzhenry 403.928.0071 fitzhenry82@gmail.com
Pound for Pound
Scott Bowlen 403.594.2344 bowlenscott@gmail.com
Tyson Heffner 403.580.7784 tyson.h@hotmail.com
Pumpjack 11 Pounders
Gord Dew 403.502.1081 gdew20921@gmail.com
Chris Humphries 403.928.2454  
The Keg
Devon Sankey 403.689.5941 medicinehat@kegrestaurants.com
Dayz Off Titans
Christina McAtamney 403.866.3243 mackgirl_23@hotmail.com
Division E      
Ball Busters
Jeff Larsen 778.837.8717 larsenjeff1987@gmail.com
Matt Chabluk 403.928.7419 matt.chabluk@sportsconnection.ca
Dusty Balls
Ben Hankins 403.928.0911 bhankins@telus.net
St. Paul
Darell Donst 403.548.4325 darnat@shaw.ca
Darell Jesse 403.526.5773 djesse@telus.net
Lee Kennedy 403.928.3871 leeman2678@gmail.com
Silver Buckle Fully Loaded
Boyd Nowicki 403.977.2701 boydnowicki@hotmail.com
Industries I.I's
Zach Watson 403.504.4511 zachwatson007@gmail.com
Spider Electric
Adam Tetz 403.878.3683 Johnatetz@gmail.com
Boston Pizza Royals
Katie Peloso 403.878.9356 pelosok@bostonpizza.com
Dex Dunford 403.866.6717 dexdunford@gmail.com
Angels in the Outfield
Darrel Bonagofsky 403.979.2880 d_gofsky@shaw.ca
Brendan Bonagofsky 403.458.9338 mhvipersbaseball@gmail.com
Deanna Rivard 403.952.8897 dhermanson1978@gmail.com
Christa Schmidt 403.952.7728 christa.schmidt9@yahoo.ca
Local Team Sports
Matt Round 403.548.5025 mattround@dslextreme.com
F Divison      
Justice League
Whitney Pickering 403.957.0926 whitney.g@live.ca
Vanshaw High Rollers
Alicia Wild 403 977 5249 aliciawild01@gmail.com
Ali Jones 403.952.5683  
Quick Way Shockers
Deekyn Brown 403-952-0921 DeekynB@quickwayelectric.com
Sun City Ford Raptors
Richard Rose 403.594.4703 Ifixiphones@hotmail.com
BrokeBat Mountain
Carly Stegen 403.878.9911 carly.stegan@ucalgary.ca
Nolan Cooney 306.914-4056 nolan.cooney@mymhc.ca
Hat Liquor
Matt Harrison 403.977.6556 mharrison1299@gmail.com
Sam Larsen 403.878.4885 soupcansam@hotmail.com
Ashley Larsen 403.878.6863  
Dirty Ball Bag
Kyle De Roaldes 403.866.7885 kyled@cardinalenergy.ca
Designated Drinkers
Alex Engel 403.376.2070 alex.engel18@hotmail.com
District Bucks
Trevor Smith 403.360.9324 trevorsmith.gc@gmail.com
Hotline Dingers
Morgan Flaata 403-928-0892 Morganflaata@hotmail.com
Scared Hitless
Sheldon Corbel 780.390.0097 foxrider1212@hotmail.com

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Jul. 23, 2017 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Bat Testing 6

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Aug. 11, 2017 to Aug. 13, 2017

Moose Ball Complex

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Aug. 18, 2017 to Aug. 20, 2017

Moose Ball Complex

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