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Name: Dan Vander Meulen

Phone number: 14039773238

Division Preference: No preference. I'm 39 years old so whatever league works for me

Position: I'm flexible

Additional Comments: I recognize teams have probably been picked but would really appreciate the chance to play

Date: May 29/2017
Name: Missy Shand

Phone number: 403-581-8909

Division Preference: Local

Position: Infield

Date: May27 2017
Name: Vince Steigel

Phone number: 403-487-4552

Division Preference: Any

Position: Outfield

Additional Comments
Date: May 23 17
Name: Jason Klus

Phone number: 403-409-3504

Division Preference: F

Position: Any

Additional Comments
Date: May 22, 2017
Name: John rideout

Phone number: 4038665564

Division Preference: A,b,c

Position: Any

Additional Comments: Played in b last 6 years also availble tourneys any weekend

Date: May 15th 2017
Name: Jason kleinsasser

Phone number: 3064301445

Division Preference:any 

Position: Shortstop,second base outfield

Additional Comments
Date: May14,2017
Name: Matthew kleinsasser

Phone number: 3068383105

Division Preference: any

Position: Shortstop, second base

Additional Comments
Date: May 14,2017
Name: Kevin Bouvier

Phone number: 14038921106

Division Preference: A/B

Position: Outfield
Date: May 11 2017
Name: Heather Fruin

Phone number: 403-878-6997

Division Preference: C or lower

Position: Catch, 1st, 2nd, rover

Additional Comments
Date: May 5th
Name: JR Evans

Phone number: 403 581-4113
Division Preference: Any

Position: Pitcher or infield

Additional Comments: Have not played for a couple years due to working out of town. Back home now and want to find a team. Last played in the "B" division but would play in any division.

Date: May 1 2017
Name: Justin

Phone number: 250 594 1386

Division Preference: Any

Position: Any

Additional Comments: none
Date: Apt 29
Name: David Hoekstra

Phone number: (613) 552-9189

Division Preference: C or lower

Position: Can play anywhere, most familiar with fielding

Additional Comments: New to town, would love to join a team. I've played for a few years in the past, in Ottawa.

Date: Apr. 29
Name: Jennifer Roberts

Phone number: 403 979-0029

Division Preference: B , C, D or E

Position: Anything but catcher

Additional Comments: I haven't played in years but I miss the game!

Date: April 26, 2017
Name: Gentry Hanna & Hailey Senchuk

Phone number: 3064859228

Division Preference: Any

Position: Any

Additional Comments: Looking to join a team we have both played slow pitch for a few years

Date: April 24, 2017
Name: Vanessa

Phone number: 4035810816

Division Preference: Any

Position: Any

Additional Comments: Haven't played in a couple years but I would love to get back into it .. I have pitching umpire and base experience

Date: April 23 2017
Name: Tanis Wendt

Phone number: 4038660763

Division Preference: E

Position: any but I like catcher or outfield

Additional Comments: want to play

Date: april 21
Name: Eddie

Phone number: 2049607527

Division Preference: Any

Position: Can play all positions

Additional Comments: Played ball for years, new to the hat and looking for a team, competitive or fun

Date: 20 April 2017
Name: kris simons

Phone number: 5872537666

Division Preference: anything low`

Position: outfield

Additional Comments: i also have my wife looking to be on the same team as me and i have a good friend who just added his name of Brad baker who would also like to

Date: april 19 2017
Name: Mike

Phone number: 4038667207

Division Preference: Does not matter to me just need to play

Position: Anywhere you can fit me in

Additional Comments: Hey guys and girls been playing ball long time. Found myself not on a team this year I can make it to all games this season. Don't mind sitting at all to let the other guys play just looking to play some ball this summer thanks hope to talk soon

Date: April 18 2017
Name: Lealand McCallum

Phone number: 1-403-849-1602 - Lethbridge number but I live in Medicine Hat

Division Preference: Any

Position: Infield

Additional Comments: I've played baseball my whole life. Just moved, looking to meet people and have some fun!

Date: April 18, 2017
Name: Connor

Phone number: 4035941508

Division Preference: Any

Position:Anything except pitcher
Additional Comments
Date: April 16
Name: Jennifer Moffat

Phone number: 4039773779

Division Preference: C or less

Position: Any

Additional Comments: none
Date: April 14, 2017
Name: Louie ebreo

Phone number: 403 9282858

Division Preference: A

Position: Short stop/ bases

Additional Comments: I use to play with ace of bases before

Date: 04-07-17
Name: Kevin Ngo

Phone number: 403 667 3646

Division Preference: C-F

Position: I'll play anywhere in the field

Additional Comments: new to the sport but I'm athletic. Just looking for a chance to come out and play

Date: April 6
Name: Jeff Quinlan

Phone number: 403-394-8799

Division Preference: E

Position: Infield preferred, outfield as a second choice

Additional Comments: Have not played for a few years but am in good shape and athletic

Date: April 4th, 207
Name: Vern Jerome

Phone number: (403) 581-7856

Division Preference: Any

Position: Infield mainly can play out in lower tiers.

Additional Comments: Any night except Tuesdays.
Date: April 1
Name: Delea Lark

Phone number: 4035489660

Division Preference: C or E

Position: 3rd or shortstop

Additional Comments: Played for years. Just moved and would like to meet ppl doing something fun.

Date: March 27
Name: Matt Nemeth

Phone number: (403) 977-6567

Division Preference: Any

Position: Whatever

Additional Comments: Pretty comfortable playing anywhere in any division, just hoping to get some extra games in this year! Played competitive baseball growing up, made it to a couple Babe Ruth World Series too.

Date: 2017-03-26
Name: Ashley engel

Phone number: 4035942126

Division Preference: C, D, F

Position: 2nd

Additional Comments 

Date: March 26
Name: Colin Anderson

Phone number: 403 318 9764

Division Preference: B/C

Position: Infield. Pitched most of last year but can play any position

Additional Comments:Played ball most of my life. I'm a solid player and long ball hitter.

Date: March 24 2017
Name: Landon Desharnais

Phone number: 4035816126

Division Preference: b-f

Position: Prefer Center field or 3rd base, anything but pitcher

Additional Comments
Date: 24/3/17
Name: Luis Diaz Medina

Phone number:+1 (780) 902-2406

Division Preference: D-E

Position: Fielder

Additional Comments: new to this sport

Date: March 17, 2017
Name: Jonathan Montpetit
Phone number: 15872534448

Division Preference:any

Position: Doesn't mather

Additional Comments:Just want to got something to do i am bored lol

Date: march 13
Name :Perry & Stephanie

Phone number : (403) 952-9091

Email :

Division Preference : E or D

Position :Anywhere

Additional Comments: Looking for a New Team In Division E or D

Date: March 1


Name: Robert Davies

Phone: 1-581-307-5735


Divison: E

Position: Any 

Comment: Played a few times over the years and really enjoyed it and want to get back into it

Date: March 1


Name: Ryan Verishine 

Phone: 4039285517


Divison: D & E

Position: Pitcher. 3rd. 1st. Outfield

Comment: Haven't pitched in a few years. Looking for a team for the 2017 season. 


Name:Matt Piotrowski

Phone: 1403-878-4387

Divison: A-E

Position: Any

Comment: Wanting to play ball this year!


Name:  Patrick sorsdahl

Phone: 4039770358


Divison: c or d

Position: outfield or any



Name:Colby McKee

Phone: 403-977-4530


Divison: C-E

Position: 1st, All OF Positions.

Comment: Played baseball growing up, athletic, looking to join a team this year





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