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Gas City Co-ed Slo-Pitch 

League Rules 2024


Please also read (and carry) the SPN Rulebook.  


NEW FOR 2024


League Rules


1. Drugs and Alcohol

1.1 Zero tolerance for use of DRUGS of any kind during or around ball complexes during play. 

This includes cannabis and medically prescribed cannabis! 


1.2 Alcoholic beverages are illegal to consume in a public park. The Moose ball complex and Family Leisure Center facilities are both areas that fall under this heading. The league executive asks that you not consume alcohol around the playing fields. The leisure center being a family facility will be closely regulated. IF YOU OR ANY MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM DRINKS, YOU ARE DOING SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!


1.3 1st offense is the team being suspended the following week, games will be forfeited, 2nd offense permanent removal from GCCSA. Please remember there are families and kids that attend games. If any situations arise, please contact the league so we can deal with it in a timely manner.







2.1 SPN Rosters are due before the start of the season. This is to be done online  All games will count as a forfeit until handed in!!!! 


2.2 NO PLAYER CAN SIGN ON MORE THE ONE ROSTER.  Each player playing in the league must sign a roster sheet for insurance purposes.  A team is recommended to place 20 players maximum on their roster.


2.3 Any player can play in year end tournaments as long as he/she is registered through SPN under the GAS CITY COED SLO-PITCH LEAGUE. We do suggest not picking up players from upper leagues.


2.4 In the case of emergencies (injuries, etc) a player can play on a team in need if approved by a member of the GCCSL.


 2.5 If you pick up a free agent, please let us know so we can remove them from the list.




3.1 All bats being used in the Gas City Coed Slo-Pitch League must have the newest stamp and sticker.


3.2 The league will only test bats with the following stamp on the taper of the barrel.



3.3 If the bat passes the compression tester it will receive the following sticker. MUST HAVE A STICKER similar to this with the according year.



3.4 If a bat is found in play (player using in game, in bat caddie, anywhere visual)  without the sticker, the player is out, the inning is over for the batting team and 7 runs are removed from that team. If the team didn’t have 7 runs prior to the infraction, they will start back at zero!!  Please report any incidents to the league, and the discipline committee will investigate.




4.1 Metal Cleats are illegal.   Any player wearing METAL cleats must be substituted for immediately!!


4.2 Please make sure if you’re not able to field a team for a game to give significant time to your opponents.  Please make sure to email the league so that we don’t pay for diamonds that aren’t being used.


4.3 If it looks like weather might play a role in favorable playing conditions, please contact your opponents to see if they would like to play or reschedule. ANY RAIN/SNOW OUTS must be reported to the league.


4.4 Remember to have your team at a game at least 15 minutes early to make sure all games are started on time. Try to have scoresheets done prior to start time.


4.5 HOME TEAM is now determined by whichever team that stays on the same field for the night. A coin toss is no longer needed. 


4.6 The home team (team that doesn’t change diamonds) is responsible for grabbing the bases for the night.


4.7 The bases will be stored in the base rooms:


Moose ball complex: side of building closest to diamond 3

Family leisure Center: Side room near washrooms


4.8 The home plate strike mats or boards (your choice) must be set up like the following picture. It must completely cover the white home plate.



4.9 Pitcher masks will be MANDATORY starting from the 1st year end tournament, August 18th, 2023.






5.1 The walk rule for our league is as follows:

When a male batter is walked in four consecutive pitches when a female batter follows them in the order the male batter advances to second base. The female batter must then take her scheduled at bat.


5.2 A team may use ANY pitcher/catcher combination they choose.

5.3 A team may only bat two (2) male players in a row in any part of the batting order. If a team leads off with two (2) males at the top of the order, a female MUST be at the bottom of the order.

5.4 Female player are allowed to bunt at any division.

5.4 (a) Any female player that presents to bunt is then committed and must follow through with the intent or it is considered a strike. 


5.5 5 Home Runs per game per team. This only counts for balls hit directly over the fence. If a team exceeds 5 homeruns it will be an automatic OUT thereafter.


5.6 Max run limit per inning is 7, not 10. . LAST INNING REMAINS OPEN


5.7 If the home team is winning going into the bottom of the last inning, THEY DON’T TAKE their last bats.


5.8 A game that has exceeded 3 complete innings and is forced to end early due to weather will be deemed completed. If it hasn’t exceeded 3 complete innings it will be deemed a rainout (tie). 


5.9 If you cannot field a team on any given night, please be courteous to the other team and let them know in a reasonable timeframe, 12-24 hours. Any team that forfeits 6 scheduled games in a season will be removed from the league. Act of God and rainouts do not count towards this rule. This is not fair for the teams scheduled and ready to play. Please let the league know if a team forfeits the game.


5.10 Game MUST start on time! No new inning should begin after 1hr 15min has elapsed from the scheduled start time, NO EXCEPTIONS! Teams should be ready to begin at the scheduled time, which means lineups/ score sheets should be ready to go. There is a 10 minute window for when a game must start. If a team isn’t ready after 10 minutes they will forfeit the game.

5.11 Teams may begin with eight (8) players (3 of which must be female) the game however must end with nine (9) players. (3 of which must be female. In both cases, automatic outs must be taken by the team that is short the players. If you have eight (8) players then two outs must be taken; if you have, nine (9) then one out must be taken. The outs will be submitted into the line-up wherever the one or two missing players would have batted. Teams should make every effort possible to field a complete team of Ten (10) players.

5.12 A new or next to new ball is to be supplied by the HOME TEAM before the start of the game.

5.13 Since we are playing a recreational game in a rec league, fights will NOT be tolerated. Let us remember that we are all adults and we are here to have some fun.


5.14 The infield fly is as follows; if the hitting team has runners on first and second; or first, second and third with less than two (2) outs the infield fly rule is in effect. This means that if a hitter pops up the ball where an infielder using a reasonable amount of effort can make the catch the batter is out regardless if the ball is caught or not. If for whatever reason the ball is not caught, the batter is still out but the runners can advance at their own peril; either after the ball is caught or the ball has hit the ground. 


5.15 Courtesy runners are only to be used after the opposing team has granted permission. They have the choice to let you use one or not. Also, they may only be used after all the other extra players have entered the game. The runner is to be of the same sex as the player they are running for, and MUST be the last player of that sex to be put out. Courtesy runners may start from behind home plate and can advance once contact has been made in the at bat. 


5.16  No designated hitters allowed in any division at any time.


5.17  Mercy Rule is 15 runs after 5 innings. If a team is up by 15 runs after 5 completed innings. The game is considered Mercy. 


5.18 Teams can request a pitcher change after the 4th walk in a single inning.  (wind notwithstanding)


5.19 Peel off rule: When a player advancing to the next base is clearly out, they have three steps to clear the base path or the runner behind is also called out. 


5.20Should a game be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, there must be a reasonable effort to reschedule the game between the teams themselves. The team that does not wish to take the 7-7 tie, will propose three reasonable options for make up game dates/times, if the other team cannot make any of the three work or propose another suitable option, they take a 0-7 forfeit





6.1 The winning team is responsible for submitting the score of the game online at or via the Team Link app. 

6.2 In fairness to all teams, scores must be submitted. Teams deliberately not submitting scores will be subject to disciplinary action by the league.  Submit within 48 hours please!!!

6.3 In the event of a tie, the home team should submit the score. Ties will be scored 7-7. Defaults/Forfeits will be scored 7-0.


6.5 THE HOME TEAM IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR turning the lights OFF in a timely matter after your games. 


6.6 In the event that there is a tie in the standings the tie will be broken as follows:

1. The team records against each other.

2. The team with the most number of wins.

3. The team with the fewest number of losses. (if different than in two)

4. Runs for and against. 


6.7 The league format for tier movement is; the top team or two regular season division winners will move up the next tier. Consequently, the teams that finished in the bottom two positions in each division will move down to the next tier. In some instances, the executives may have to make changes to this rule to ensure that all divisions are filled with teams at skill level.




7.1 All teams entering the year end tournament must top up their levy bank to $100 at the time of registering for the tournament. No exceptions


7.2 No outside alcohol allowed inside the ball complex. Any team caught with outside alcohol, it will be removed from the complex, and the offending team will receive a minimum $50 levy fine. Teams are responsible for their guests and spectators as well. 


7.3 Coolers will be checked regularly by league executives.


7.4 Games must start on time. Games will begin at the horn. No new inning after the horn has been blown.


7.5 Tiebreakers will be determined by 1st head to head record, wins/losses and then runs for and against.  If still tied after round robin, teams will play a 3 inning game to determine who moves on.


7.6 In the playoff round, if teams are tied after the horn goes,  teams will play an extra inning with the last out starting on 2nd base and 1 out.  If still tied after 1 extra inning, it will be the last out starting on 3rd with 2 outs. Until a winner is determined.


7.7 Final games for each division will have umpires and the game will be 7 innings regardless of time.




8.1 The league will send out a survey for all team reps to fill out. This is a way for the league to figure out what works and what doesn’t so that it can continue to grow.  If your team rep or email changes please let us know so that we can update our contact info on our side.


8.2 Returning teams will always have their spot reserved up to the following year's spring meeting. If your team is folding, please let the league know so that we can invite new teams to the vacant spot.




9.1. Levy Fee:We also require a $100.00 levy. This levy fee must be paid in full prior to the start of the season and is used to pay fines incurred (if any) through the year. Any unused portion of this levy fee can be rolled over into a new year for returning teams and any levy balance below $100.00 must be topped up before the start of a new season of the year end tournament, whichever applies first. Teams not returning for a new season will be given the balance of their levy fee back to them.


9.2. Game defaults: Teams must provide 12-24 hours notice to the opposing team and the executive if they are unable to field a team for scheduled games. Failure to do so could result in a $25 fine for the offending team, for each infraction, providing the opposing team has filed a complaint to the executive within 12-24 hours of the default. If a team has defaulted 6 or more games, the team could be removed from the league and would have to re-apply to gain access back into the league at the end of the year.


9.3.  A $10 fine to the Home team that does not remove and return the bases and strike plate to the designated areas at each diamond after a night's play. Failure to turn off lights will result in a $25 fine. 


9.4. Stats Submission - $5.00 per week.  All game stats must be submitted via the website to the league prior to the end of the Saturday of that week. 


9.5. Tournaments - $25.00 per occurrence

    1. A team is not eligible to play in any of the league tournaments until all outstanding balances have been paid.

    2. If a team drops out of a tournament after the commitment date.

    3. If a team does not show up for their Sunday morning game at a tournament; that team is also out of the tournament.

    4. If a team forfeits any game during the tournament.

    5. If your team is kicked out of the tournament.

    6. If any player/team is caught bringing outside alcohol into the ball complex.


9.6. Conduct - $25.00 per occurrence

    1. Fighting

1.1 - Verbal (swearing, name calling, ect)

1.2 - Physical

1.3 - Threat of Violence


    2. Inappropriate on field behavior (For example: dry humping members on the opposing team, dancing on top of the dugouts, walking/standing on top of fencing)

    3. Teams leaving garbage in their respective dugout

    4. Teams smoking in the dugouts or out in the field

    5. Any player caught with an illegal bat not with the proper GCCSL sticker.


9.7 Intentional or egregious bat throwing will not be tolerated! Intentional bat throwing will result in a $25 levy fine.  Momentum bat tosses (towards catcher) will be given an initial warning and if there is a second instance in the same game, it will result in an automatic out for the batter.


9.8 Executive discretion for anything else that is deemed inappropriate within the game.